"Three tributaries converged into one big river in the American heartland where Eddie Wakes was born, merging the inherent Country, Folk, Rock and Jazz influences with the rich history of his parents’ deep Southern traditions, expressed through Gospel and Popular music of the post 2nd World War generation. Eddie was baptized in these churning waters. Music education was ambitious in the Midwest, where the hallways of learning were always filled with sounds of solo, small ensemble and choral arrangements of Classical and Jazz composers. Then, on the weekends, there was a different music at Church! Eddie imitated the singing style of his Father and often harmonized with his other eight brothers. He fed voraciously on Gospel music and studied the best innovators of the genre—tracing their influence on both, Popular music and Pop Culture. In high school, Eddie decided to have his Father bring him to a singing coach. After a few, brief scales of vocalization, the teacher laughed and told Pastor Wakes that his son didn’t need training, but should continue listening to great singers, so he did...the result affirmed an old principle Eddie’s Mom taught him: “Son, good meat makes its own gravy”! Soon, a soul tie was formed between Eddie and early generation Pop; The Great American Songbook, particularly songs arranged by such legends as Nelson Riddle, Gordon Jenkins, Count Basie, Ralph Carmichael and Quincy Jones (two of which Eddie was fortunate enough to work with)! Eddie Wakes is a singular and sought after sound in the music landscape; “a new evocative voice”, said best by Morgan Freeman. And on Saturday, July 22, 2017, he is LIVE in Concert celebrating his part in the Academy Award winning film, “La La Land” as well as his first official studio release, “Eddie Wakes: BOUNDLESS” (*Coming Soon)!"